Top 3 Mobile Spy Apps

Mobile spy apps are the talk of the hour. There are two types of people in the world. One, who uses mobile spy apps and the other, who try to get away from these spy apps.

The one who uses the apps are mostly parents and employers. The others who try to get away from the apps are employees and kids.

But the best thing about spy apps is that they are discreet. The victim will never come to know that people are spying on the. This app works in a unique way.

There are different types of spy apps available in the market. There are some apps that are compatible with android, while others are compatible with the iPhone. However, there are also some apps that are compatible with both.

Then, there are spy apps which are free while others are paid. There are mostly paid spy apps. Free spy apps are very few. Some apps are paid but still provide the free trial feature. It helps you to use these apps for a few days for free.

Spy apps are very easy to use. They use the simplest form of technology so that every individual can easily use it. There is no need for any complicated process. Anybody who knows how to use a phone can use a spy app as well.

Top 3 Mobile Spy Apps
Top 3 Mobile Spy Apps

Mobile Spy Features

Spy App provides many features. They mostly cover all the functions to spy on a phone. You can use all these features.

  • Call: You can use this feature to spy on the call logs. You can check all the call logs.
  • Message: This feature helps you to spy on messages. You can read all the text messages.
  • Media: You can also spy on the multimedia on the phone. You can check the image and videos.
  • Social Media: This feature helps you to spy on different social media apps on the phone. You can spy on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • WhatsApp: You can also spy on WhatsApp chats and media.
  • Location: You can track the live location of the phone. You can also check all the previous locations.
  • Browsing History: You can check the browsing history. You will get the names of the websites.
  • Keylogger: You can use the Keylogger feature to monitor keystrokes and receive passwords.

Three Mobile Spy Apps

The internet is filled with hundreds of spying apps. But not all apps are the same. Some apps are better than others. You need to use the best apps on the internet for spying.

Mobile Spy Free

Mobile Spy Free
Mobile Spy Free

It is one of the best spying apps on the internet. This app is trusted by millions of users. Employers mostly use this app because it covers a wide range of features.

It provides many spy features. You can use the call feature to spy on the calls. You can use the text message feature to spy on messages. However, you can track the location of a phone. You can spy on WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and other apps. Moreover, you can spy on social media. You can use Keylogger to receive passwords. Moreover, you can also track browsing history, use alert functions, and use the remote control on the phone.

This app works with an android phone and tablet. You can also use this app for iPhone and iPad. It is compatible with both the phone type.

To install this app on the phone, you first have to download it on the android phone for iPhone. You don’t need to install it. You can use it remotely.

Free Phone Tracker

Free Phone Tracker
Free Phone Tracker

After Mobile Spy Free, people mostly use Free Phone Tracker. It is a trustworthy spy app. Many people use this spy app on a large scale. If you are a parent or an employer, this app is perfect for you.

This app provides many spy features. You can use one or all the features to spy. You can spy on the calls. However, you can spy on text messages. You can track the location. You can check the multimedia and browsing history. Moreover, you can also spy on social media and messenger apps; you can use the Keylogger as well.

The installation process is very simple. You have to follow few steps to use this app. It works with android and iPhone.



Another popular spy app is PhoneSpying – Free Phone Spy App. Many people use this app because it is extremely user-friendly. If it is your first time spying, this app is perfect for you.

You can use plenty of spying features in this app. You can check the call logs. However, you can read the messages. You can check the location. You can also check social media and read WhatsApp chats.

It is compatible with android phones and tablets. It is also compatible with iPhone and iPad. You need to install the app in android. In iPhone, you can setup remotely.


These are the top three mobile spy apps you can use for spying on your kids or employees.