2 Must-Know Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone

2 Must-Know Ways to Track a Stolen iPhone

How to Track a Stolen iPhone in 2 Easy Ways

How to Track a Stolen iPhone in 2 Easy Ways
How to Track a Stolen iPhone in 2 Easy Ways

In case you have dropped your iPhone then certainly you’d worry about the effects of your data falling in the wrong hands since in today’s times data could be misused in a variety of ways. Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives available that could teach you how you can track a stolen iPhone, or, you may even access the stored information without actually having the device with you. Read further to know how to track your iPhone.

– Part 1: How to Track a Stolen iPhone Without Find My iPhone
– Part 2: How to Track a Stolen iPhone Even It is Off
– Part 3: How to Access to the iPhone Data Even If It is Stolen

Part 1. How to Track a Stolen iPhone Without Find My iPhone

Part 1. How to Track a Stolen iPhone Without Find My iPhone
Part 1. How to Track a Stolen iPhone Without Find My iPhone

The Find My iPhone service on your iPhone is a Really helpful tool that helps track data and locate a lost deviceNonetheless, if you have not enabled the service on your device then you cannot find the device with it, even though, you can take steps to protect your data, like:

– Change your Apple ID since it will effectively prohibit anybody from accessing your information.
– Change the passwords for all of your important accounts, like, Facebook.
– Report the lost or stolen phone into your own wireless carriers to prevent calls and all.
– Report your lost or stolen telephone to local law enforcement authorities also.

These are definite steps that you can take which will assist you in locating the missing or stolen device at the earliest, or, will stop anybody from accessing your data.

Part 2. How to Track a Stolen iPhone Even It is Off

If you’re attempting to find the way to monitor iPhone if it’s turned away, then, know that it isn’t feasible since without access to community it won’t have the ability to send its location. But, you can still switch on the”Locate My iPhone” mode so that if the telephone is switched-on you’ll almost immediately get notified about its place.

Step 1. Login Into iCloud & Start “Locate My iPhone”

Proceed into www.icloud.com and log in to your iCloud account. You’ll be directed to your account’s dashboard. Click on the”Locate My iPhone” icon, you should see the Find My iPhone interface, which will also have a map.

Step 2. Select Your Device and Start Tracking

Click the”All Devices” drop-down menu and then choose your missing device. The listing would reveal all of the Apple devices connected with this ID, if you have more than one device, select the missing one only. Device tracking begins, if effective, it will showcase its location. If the phone is off, then it won’t reveal the place right away, though, will display as soon as someone switches it on or charges it. You can also switch-on the”Lost Mode” that will lock your device and can also show a message that might be useful if a person finds it and wishes to return it to youpersonally.

Part 3. How to Access to the iPhone Data Even If It is Stolen

Among the safest ways to get your iPhone information even once you do not have your cell phone with you would be to make use of this PhoneSpying. It is one of the quickest, easiest and safest choices available and that which makes it more unique is a set of amazing features.

Why Pick This iPhone Data Tracker:

You can keep a track on over 29 data types using PhoneSpying.
You can easily, and quickly, monitor the GPS location of the target device.
The program is completely compatible on different browsers and devices.
You may remotely read the text messages received on your apparatus.

PhoneSpying offers a simple solution that would make it possible for you to get your phone’s information when it’s stolen or lost. You can also use the program to gain access to phone information whenever you are unable to physically access your device. Simply follow the steps given below to understand how to track a stolen iPhone data or access phone’s data whenever you want.

Step 1. Sign Up for a PhoneSpying Plan

Make an account on PhoneSpying. It will ask for certain details to produce your account like email address. Specify a password to your account. Click”Subscribe” to create your account.

Step 2. Confirm Your iCloud Account

Upon successful enrollment on PhoneSpying, you’ll be asked to fill in the information regarding your iOS device which you would like to track. You would have to supply the”Name of the target device’s owner” and”Age of the target device’s owner”. Total other details also and then click on the”Next” button. Confirm the iCloud ID of this iOS. Click”Verify”.

Note: The iOS device whose iCloud ID you’re verifying should have activated the iCloud backup and syncing option so as to accurately track the information using PhoneSpying.

Step 3. Track Stolen iPhone Tasks with PhoneSpying

Following the verification of the iCloud ID and password, you’ll be directed to the control panel and also the information on the devices and the program will be properly synced in some moment. Every time you log into your accounts, PhoneSpying will automatically upgrade the information. If the iOS apparatus is OFF then the information cannot be upgraded on PhoneSpying.

Download PhoneSpying to Track a Stolen iPhone at: https://app.phonespying.com

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If you’ve lost your own Android phone or it’s been stolen then you can also try the other version of this PhoneSpying which has all the same features and will enable you to access over 29 data types for example contacts, browser history, calls, messages, reminders and more; nonetheless, it’s more readily compatible with Android apparatus.


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