3 Ways to Spy on someone's WhatsApp without Target Phone

3 Ways to Spy on someone’s WhatsApp without Target Phone

Many parents look for ways to spy on their kid’s WhatsApp. Most of the kids spend all their time chatting on WhatsApp which worries the parents.

They can be talking to strangers or getting bullied.

Parents look for ways by which they can check their messages remotely. Kids are very protective of their phones. They keep a strong password.

You need to use the spy app where there is no installation. This way, you can easily spy on them.

You will be able to check all the chats. You can check the call logs. You can even get the contact details. There are many ways by which you can spy.

How do spy apps work on WhatsApp without the target phone?

Top WhatsApp Spy
Top WhatsApp Spy

Firstly you have to make sure that whatever app you are using is completely legal and approved to use. Then you will have to download it and give it all the permission it asks for.

You can download these spy apps directly from their own website, which has a link or you can do it from the Google play store whichever you want to do.

The target can also download this app unknowingly on his phone through fake messages, pop-up advertisements, fake links to a website, etc.

To make sure that the target doesn’t know that someone is spying on them you will have to disable the notification of the spy app through the phone’s setting or else he will be suspicious and try to find for it.

Top WhatsApp Spy without Target Phone

These are the list of apps that you can use to spy on WhatsApp message of your target without them even knowing.

The Truth Spy

The Truth Spy
The Truth Spy

The Truth Spy (https://thetruthspy.com/whatsapp-spy-messages/) is a cell software program that is used mainly by a small businessman or parents to keep their child.

This app can get you access to any messages, GPS location, record phone calls, track SMS messages, spy on the social account, and many more things. Alternatively, apps that you want to check on the target phone.

It is the best app you can get to spy on any other application because this app can spy on any app very easily.



AppSpy (https://appspyfree.com/whatsapp-spy/) is spying software that is very easy to use and is available on the internet to download.

With AppSpy app, you can easily see anything that has been exchanged between the target and the other person.

By using this app, you can also gain access to social media apps as well as a text messaging app.

The best feature of its WhatsApp spy is that it not easily detectable to the target.

Free Phone Tracker

Free Phone Tracker
Free Phone Tracker

Free Phone Tracker (https://freephonetracker.net/whatsapp-spy/) is an app similar to both these apps. The only difference is that this app has a feature where if you don’t find the services satisfying then they will refund you your money.

The best part is that you don’t have to root your phone while using any of these three apps. They all are very cheap and affordable for everyone.

Steps to Spy WhatsApp on Android

Steps to Spy WhatsApp on Android
Steps to Spy WhatsApp on Android

These are the steps you can use to spy on an android phone.

Step 1: Download

The first step is that you have to download any spying app on the target phone. By the link provided on the apps website page.


Step 2: Install

After downloading, you have to install this app from your phone settings by disabling the download from an unknown source and grant the app all the permissions it needs.

Step 3: Register

Then you will have to register yourself by creating an account on the spy app. By using an email ID and a password that you use regularly.

Step 4: Login

After registering yourself, you have to log in on the app and select a plan which is suitable for you. And then you can start to spy on any application.

Step 5: WhatsApp spy

After logging in and paying for the plan. You will have to choose the WhatsApp spy option in the main apps menu so that your app can start the process.


These are the three apps you can use to spy on WhatsApp messages without the target phone.

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