Top 6 Android Sound Recorder Free You Should Know

Top 6 Android Sound Recorder Free You Should Know

Get the Top 6 Android Sound Recorder Free You Should Know

Get the Top 6 Android Sound Recorder Free You Should Know
Get the Top 6 Android Sound Recorder Free You Should Know

Did you notice any of your kids getting scared when they receive a call or your spouse seems aloof after a call? In such a situation you are worried that they are under some problem. Someone might be threatening them, but they don’t share it. You can use an Android spy sound recorder to reach the root of the problem and help your loved ones. When you know who is troubling them with ample proof from the spy voice recorder app on Android. Then only you can take adequate steps. In case you are wondering how to find these Android spy recording apps, then we are here to help you.

– Part 1. 6 Best Free Android Sound Recorder
– Part 2. How to Spy on an Android Phone? (Must Know)

Part 1. 6 Best Free Android Sound Recorder

Part 1. 6 Best Free Android Sound Recorder
Part 1. 6 Best Free Android Sound Recorder

We have collated this list of spy call recorder apps for you to ease of your burden. Go through the article, to explore more about apps offering free and paid spy call recorder for Android.

1. Call Me Spy

Call Me Spy free spy call recorder for Androidis an amazing tool that turns your Android device into a spy recorder. Though, the way it works is bit weird. You need to leave your Android phone in a place that you want to hear a conversation secretly. From another number, type’SPY’ and send the SMS to your phone. Your phone automatically will call you and you can listen everything happening in that place.

Price: Free

Rating: 3.2 stars out of 5


– Your phone might be discovered there and runs the risk of spying being disclosed.
– You won’t know if someone steals your mobile as you leave it unattended.

2. Call Spy – Install on target phone

Call Spy is a free Android spy sound recorder app. But, it needs you to allow administrative access to the phone when you install it. It records the calls and then emails to your ID without letting the phone user you are spying on. As the emails are not saved on the phone, there is little chance that they would know about being monitored.

Rating: 3.9 stars out of 5


– The app would need administrator privileges on the destination phone.
– In case the internet connectivity is unstable, we aren’t confident that the emails will be automatically sent to you.

3. Remote Call recorder

This Android spy sound recorder app enables you to remotely listen secret calls of a target mobile. All you need to do is install it on the target device and access the calls online. The user won’t know that you are listening to their calls. This app can record any number of calls spanning over any length of time. Once the call records are pulled, it will automatically be sent you on the registered email. The mobile phone will also have the recorder calls hidden but won’t be available across any media player. You will get reminder notification about calls once in a while on your mobile.

Rating: 3.6 stars out of 5


– Call recording is restricted to mobile devices and might not work on every handset.
– Some mobile phones experience only one side of the call being recorded.

4. Mobile Spy

Talking about Android spy sound recorder apps, Mobile Spy seems a good option for parents trying to protect their kids. It also helps companies get a clear insight to employees’ activities in office. It can track the incoming and outgoing calls of the target Android device, texts, contacts list, upload calendar entries, as well as track the device location through GPS. Moreover, you can also restrict the screen time remotely on your kids or employees’ mobile. Actively monitoring made easy with this app. As it lets you create geo-fences for protecting your loved ones.

Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5


– The app doesn’t deliver some promised features.
– You don’t have a free trial version.
– Not all devices are compatible with this app.
– Inconsistent and overpriced app.
– You can’t define keywords and monitor certain activities on the target device.

5. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is a paid spy voice recorder app for Android. You can monitor your loved ones and employees through this app. Call records, text messages, multimedia, browsing history, GPS location, etc. can be accessed remotely from the target device. You can also record phone calls and activate microphones of the target device this way.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5


– Using your phone number, anyone can randomly get access to your device information remotely.
– As you don’t need the target device physically to setup, its security can be compromised.
– It is a paid app and their customer support is not so customer-friendly.
– The installation process is very tedious.
– Not an efficient tool to retrieve call logs.
– You can’t initiate remote commands and create watch lists with this app.

6. iSpyoo

This Android spy sound recorder app enables you to hack any Android device without the owner’s knowledge. It can efficiently snoop on Android smartphones and tablets. You can keep a tab on the target device’s text messages, phone calls, IM chats, multimedia files, deleted information, remote mic activation and stuff. Apart from that you can carry out ambient recording, know their social media activity as well as make secret call to the target device.

Rating: 3.8 stars out of 5


– Reportedly, the software’s customer care support lacks in prompt responses.
– Moreover, this app lacks in extending compatibility to wide range of devices.

Part 2: How to Spy on an Android Phone

While discussing about the free spy call recorder for Android, you need to remember that none of them stand close to PhoneSpying. This spy voice recorder app for Android devices allows you to monitor a target device remotely, right from your mobile. You can securely monitor your child or employees, without alerting them. This software is compatible for both Android and iOS devices. Using free spy call recorder for Android is easy. This tool helps you monitor text messages, calls, apps, record conversations and lot more.
Main features of PhoneSpying:

– PhoneSpying enables you remotely access 29 types of data from the target device, including messages, photos, calls, videos, social media messages, etc..
– It has a synchronous GPS location tracking system to notify you the whereabouts of your target people.
– It also helps you see their phone battery level. So that you don’t panic when the call disconnects abruptly due to low battery.
– It supports multiple devices, browsers as well as computer systems, including Mac and Windows PCs. Either you access it through your computer or mobile device, it will never disappoint you.
– The monitored people won’t ever notice.

Check this site out at PhoneSpying App


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